New year fitness at The Coast Club

While wanting to pursue an active lifestyle is certainly admirable, leaping into a new exercise regime without the proper preparation can result in debilitating injuries and painful ailments.

These tips from The Coast Club will help decrease the likelihood of getting injured and increase the chances of happily fulfilled fitness goals.

• Doctors know best. Check with your doctor first to make sure you're ready for an exercise programme.

• Follow the golden rule. Start slow, and build up to a regular regime. Don't start with two-hour workouts, 30 minutes is enough for beginners.

• Rest in between days to allow your body to recover.

• Wear the right gear. Fashionable urban sneakers will not cut it in the gym.

• Avoid ankle weights and wrist weights. They can alter your normal movement patterns and cause injury.

• Treat your body right. You treat your car right (hopefully ), so treat your body right and give it the food, water (lots of water ), and rest it needs.

• Warm up first, then stretch. Stretching cold muscles can actually be harmful.

• Warm down. End all workouts with a cool down of light cardio and stretching to keep the blood from pooling in the muscles, which can increase soreness.

Why not try out the facilities at The Coast Club by availing of a free one-day membership pass. Contact the club at 091 503904, e-mail coastclub, or find The Coast Club on Facebook.



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