Greyhound’s waste war with City Bin hots up and moves west

Waste management company Greyhound has announced its expansion into Galway city with the creation of 10 local jobs and promises of 50 per cent savings on household bin costs.

The move into the west is seen as a retaliation for the Galway-based City Bin’s move into the Dublin market some months ago, sparking intense competition between the two companies.

Greyhound’s expansion follows their market research which they state found that City Bin Co. customers in Galway wanted a fairer deal after learning that they pay double what the company charges its Dublin customers to collect their bins.

“We are delighted to provide Galway customers with the same value as our Dublin customers which is 50 per cent cheaper than what they are currently paying the City Bin Co,” said Michael Buckley, Joint CEO of Greyhound.

While Greyhound operates a different charging mechanism in the Dublin market it is now presenting householders across Galway city with an equivalent price offer comprising:

An all-in monthly €15 charge for all three bins

A monthly standing charge of €6.25

A charge of 9.75 cent per kilo for black bin waste

A charge of 3.25 cent per kilo for compostable waste

A charge of two cent per kilo for recyclable waste

“Greyhound is the number one service provider in Ireland because it offers the best value and service in the market and because of our track record for providing a reliable service to 170,000 customers with 45,000 daily bin collections,” said Mr Buckley.

“We were surprised to find that Galway householders were paying double what City Bin Co. customers in Dublin pay. That is what led to our market research and the findings convinced us that Galway was the perfect location to expand our business,” he added.

“Greyhound is a fully owned Irish company that employs 300 people in Ireland and that pays its taxes in Ireland. We are proud that we are now flying our flag in Galway, to create jobs in Galway and to offer Galway householders a fair deal,” said Mr. Buckley.


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