Council issues spring tide flood warning for weekend

Parts of Galway city may be at risk from flooding between today and Monday due to the expected high spring tides, the Galway City Council has warned.

The area most likely to be affected is at Fishmarket, Spanish Arch, and Flood Street. The public is advised to have regard for their safety in the area, particularly at high tide as the Fishmarket Quay wall is likely to be overtopped. As a result safety barriers are already in place.

The time for the high tides and the tide heights are: 4.22hrs/5.51m and 16.50hrs/5.36m (today ); 5.10hrs/5.66m and 17.40hrs/5.42m (tomorrow ); 5.56hrs/5.69m and 18.26hrs/5.36m (Saturday ); 6:46hrs/5.6m and 19:18hrs/5.19m (Sunday ); and 7:35hrs/5.40m and 20:07hrs/4.96m (Monday ).

Rain is forecast to coincide with the high tide at 5:10am tomorrow and there is potential for some flooding in the area. The council is in contact with local businesses and residents and will deliver a pallet of pre-filled sandbags to the Spanish Arch for collection. People availing of the sandbags are also being requested to preserve them for future potential use.

If high winds coincide with the spring tides, there is also the potential for flooding at points along the Promenade between Grattan Road and Blackrock in Salthill. The car park at Toft Park beside the Atlantaquarium is liable to flood in the hours around high tide.


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