Connemara councillor urges consumers to shop local for Christmas

Fine Gael councillor Eileen Mannion is urging consumers to try to do as much of their Christmas shopping locally this Christmas.

“Given that everyone is watching their money, particularly at this time of year, I would ask people to give our local traders the business where possible. Local businesses are feeling the pinch more than ever and any support given to them would benefit the whole area. The ripple effect of supporting our local traders is greater then you might imagine,” said Cllr Mannion.

Cllr Mannion said the benefits of shopping local include stimulating the local economy and local businesses will be more likely to utilise other local services and suppliers.

“So the money you invest is re-invested in other businesses,” said Cllr Mannion who added that shopping local also helps in creating and maintaining jobs in towns and villages as small local businesses are the largest employers in Ireland.

“The less people that have long distances to commute to work, the better for the economy and the environment. Local business owners invest in their community.”

Cllr Mannion concluded: “We have wonderful stores in the area, with traders who are to be admired for their resilience and innovation. Nobody wants to see any more store or business closures. So given this is a time of year where we will all spend money on presents for others, whatever the budget, please give some thought about using your euros to the best advantage for everyone.”


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