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Tantastic has launched the innovative VersaSpa™ automatic skin treatment system at its Prospect Hill premises.

VersaSpa, the world’s first patent-pending high-volume, low pressure (HVLP ) automatic skin treatment spa, combines numerous healthy skin therapies with exclusive comfort technologies. With a completely mist-free application environment, an open, non-claustrophobic design, top-quality skin treatment solutions and features such as intelliSENSE™, EZ-2Breathe™, and Comfort-Dry™, customers can now feel relaxed, comfortable, and dry before, during, and after their VersaSpa experience.

Joan Daly of Tantastic specifically chose the VersaSpa system to address clients’ comfort needs. VersaSpa sets a new industry standard in automatic skin treatment delivery methods by utilising quality-driven HVLP turbine technology, a highly-refined air delivery process. The HVLP method moves air at an accelerated speed and allows for an extra fine spray to be emitted, eliminating the uncomfortable lingering mist that occurs with other systems. In addition to providing clients with a pleasant experience, this extra fine mist also ensures exceptional results by delivering greater, more efficient, coverage and absorption without skin saturation build-up.

Extending far beyond the ordinary, VersaSpa allows clients two separate health and beauty solutions making it a truly unique, fully-automated spa. Each distinctive Magic Tan skincare treatment solution is part of one of the most advanced sunless skincare lines developed and can quickly fortify and moisturise skin, leaving it soft, smooth, supple, and fully bronzed. Clients can then tailor their needs and mix and match a variety of skin applications, including:

Pre-sunless hydration spray: An aloe vera based skin conditioning, pH balanced formula that super-hydrates skin cells and neutralises surface oils —improving the overall evenness of the sunless application.

Skin bronzing solution: Magic Tan’s world-renowned solution combines a proprietary ratio of DHA and erythrulose for an unmatched cosmetic skin bronzing performance. This unique combination ensures a natural-looking rich, golden colour and longer-lasting results.

To schedule an appointment and learn more about VersaSpa, contact Tantastic, 7 Prospect Hill, Galway, or phone (086 ) 3926948.

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