Look after your feet

During a typical day our feet endure a cumulative force of several hundred tons, with the average person, engaging in non-strenuous activity, walking approximately four miles per day or about 115,000 miles in a lifetime. All too often our feet are ignored, or squeezed into ill-fitting shoes in the name of fashion. The result for many people is sensitive or troublesome feet and difficulty in finding footwear to alleviate the problems caused.

Robert Lyons from Green Comfort Medical Footwear will be at Homecare Medical Supplies in Terryland Retail Park on the Headford Road from 10am to 4.30pm today (Thursday ) to offer advice on footwear for problem feet.

Green Comfort Medical is a Danish company which works in close cooperation with podiatrists, chiropodists, hospitals, orthopaedic shoemakers, and Danish designers to develop footwear for the treatment of people with sensitive feet due to problems with diabetes, arthritis, swollen feet, hammer toes, bunions, corns, wearing bandages, and other foot conditions.

According to Mr Lyons many people find it difficult to source comfortable and proper fitting shoes, but an immediate solution and relief can be found in an appropriate pair of medical footwear.

“It is very important that the feet are not strained by pressure or stitching,” he said. “At Green Comfort Medical Footwear all our footwear have an extra wide last with large volume, shock absorbing PPT® insoles, no irritation from inside stitching and an anatomical correct shape.”

Green Comfort Medical footwear uses the world patented Biomechanic Energy sole, which gives unsurpassed shock absorption and comfort. With every foot movement the small muscles in the feet are activated, enhancing the blood circulation in the feet and legs and helping prevent tiredness and strain in the legs and back.

The lining of the footwear is made from skin-friendly materials and all materials used inside the shoe have been tested for pureness and absence of heavy metals. Green Comfort Medical Shoes make ideal and very practical gifts for your parents or relatives for Christmas.

For further information contact Homecare Medical Supplies Ltd at (091 ) 567812.



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