Pay up - Council sends 200 letters seeking payment of household charge

Some 200 letters have been sent by City Hall to households throughout Galway city, calling on the owners to pay the controversial household charge.

The Galway City Council’s finance department has issued the letters to those who “may be liable” to pay the charge.

The letter goes on to state that the amount now due, including late payment fees and interest, is €128 per property and this amount will continue to increase each month per property until the charge is paid.

However the letter also states: “Due to the manner in which names and addresses are entered and recorded differently in computer systems by the public, it is possible that in some circumstances your details may not be matched correctly and you may have received this letter in error. In this instance and to avoid receiving any further correspondence, please contact the Central Bureau to verify your details for the Household Charge and to allow us to update your records accordingly”.


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