Appy Days with Big O Taxis

A new smartphone app launched this week by a local taxi company looks set to revolutionise the way in which people will book taxis. This app is available for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone smart phones.

Big O Taxis have been serving the people of Galway for over 30 years and has outstanding relationships with local people, tourists, local industry and of course, students. Technology is nothing new for Big O Taxis as it was the first taxi company in Galway to introduce a computerised booking and dispatch system. All vehicles havE GPS tracking, so it knows where all its vehicles are at any time. Not only does this ensure a speedy arrival of the taxi, but it also provides additional security for both the customer and the driver.

Big O Taxis were careful in considering its options for an app in which people could book its taxis. After user testing a number of products, it was an easy decision to go with Click A Taxi. Click A Taxi is fully integrated with our booking & dispatch system and it is part of a global network, meaning that you can use the app in over 2000 cities worldwide and have peace of mind that you will be booking a reliable and reputable taxi.

Terry Fannon, IT Manager at Big O Taxis believes there is nothing like it within the country. "There are other taxi related apps out there to help you find a local taxi, but none which is integrated and is part of a global network", he said. "A few taps on your smartphone is all it takes to tell our sophisticated booking system where you are, where you want to go and at what time. It’s a great way to avoid busy phone lines and long taxi queues.”

The new app features hundreds of point of interests within its system such as street names, buildings and places of interest all linked by GPS technology so that customers can easily request a taxi even if they don’t know their exact locatio

Big O Taxis has identified that the app will be particularly useful for environments where phone calls are banned or frowned upon such as in cinemas, doctor’s surgery or hospitals and for people with hearing or speech difficulties who find it impossible to use traditional telephones to book their taxi. Another group that may embrace the new technology are Galway's 18,000 plus students. “Students live with their smart phones 24/7 and many are new to the city. We believe that they will love this new app and use it to book their taxis by using technology they are familiar with and without having to speak to anyone. It is so much more convenient for them".

With Christmas just around the corner and the launch of the smart phone app, Big O Taxis is running a competition with a prize pool of €1200! All you have to do to enter is call and book a taxi on 091 585858 or use our app!

Search for “click a taxi” now in your iTunes, Android store or Windows Phone Store, it’s completely free to download and use.

Keep an eye on local press in the coming weeks for the official launch, where users will automatically be entered into competitions for prizes, including cash.


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