Think better at meetings with Radisson Blu’s Brain Food initiative

As part of an exciting and innovative new concept called Experience Meetings, Radisson Blu Hotels and Resorts in Ireland introduce Brain Food, one of the three main elements of this new programme.

Along with Brain Box, a creativity-stimulating breakout room, and Connectivity, with free high-speed WiFi (100MB in all airport and conference hotels ), Brain Food is an innovative and responsible food and beverage solution developed by a team of skilled chefs and nutritionists. Brain Food comprises fresh, well-balanced and primarily locally sourced low-fat and low sugar items, with lots of fresh fish, whole grain products, fruit and vegetables that keep guests’ blood sugar levels constant, thus helping them to maintain concentration and to lower stress levels.

Brain Food is all about serving food that keeps blood sugar levels stable and supplies optimal nutrition for the brain, providing benefits for both delegates and meeting organisers. The team at Radisson Blu developed Brain Food because they understand that the food we eat affects how the brain functions. Research has shown that eating the right food at the right time improves our ability to learn and concentrate, promotes quicker reactions and even lowers stress levels – all factors that can impact on the quality of a meeting.

Meeting delegates often experience a ‘sugar crash’ after lunch or morning coffee, and this is generally temporarily resolved by placing a bowl of sweets on the table, definitely something to be avoided to help delegates achieve more stable blood sugar levels, and by providing a delicious culinary experience throughout the day.

Brain Food comprises six principles:

1. Lots of fish, wholegrain products, fruit and vegetables

2. Primarily fresh, locally sourced ingredients

3. Pure ingredients with minimal industrial processing

4. Less meat and always a maximum 10 per cent fat content

5. Natural sweeteners and never more than 10 per cent added sugar

6. Focus on good taste and satisfying the senses

The principles of Brain Food have been developed together with nutritionists in various countries. Over several weeks, skilled chefs gathered in workshops under the supervision of nutritionists and a collaborative effort was central to the development process. In consultation with the nutritionists, the Radisson Blu chefs enjoyed creative freedom to convey the essence of what Brain Food represents in their respective hotels and locations, meaning that the fundamental principles always remain the same – but that the experience and product can vary from hotel to hotel and country to country.

Speaking at the launch of the Experience Meetings concept at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin Dr Eva Orsmond, regular contributor to the hugely popular Operation Transformation, leading expert in her field and Ireland’s sole private Medical Practitioner exclusively treating overweight and obesity in adults and children, praised the initiative.

“I am delighted that a major organization like Radisson Blu is breaking the boundaries of the typical meeting and events dining experience, and showing us that eating healthily can be satisfying to the taste buds and also help us in so many other ways. The six Brain Food principles that Radisson has developed, are not only what I believe in personally, but they are also what I have been trying to increase the awareness of for years – fresh, unprocessed, high nutrient foods, low in sugars and high in fibre, fish and essential fats – perfect to improve your health and stimulate your mind!” said Dr. Eva Orsmond

“Food affects so many aspects of our lives and being aware of this is almost as important as the food choices we make. We need to raise awareness of how food can impact us both positively and negatively. Radisson Blu’s innovative new Brain Food concept does just this and I congratulate them on this new approach.”

Brain Food is an important component of Experience Meetings, the brand-wide initiative available in over 255 participating Radisson Blu hotels across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, including 24 properties throughout the UK and Ireland.


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