Stylish new Honda CR-V with a new tough edge

The new fourth generation CR-V has gone on sale with a lower entry level price of €37,785 ex-works.

It will no doubt build on the success of the previous generation models because it has been improved in terms of efficiency, quality, practicality, refinement and it looks well.

But the new CR-V has another secret - a real hidden surprise. It has a tough underbelly hidden beneath this new Honda's smooth skin.

We all know the so-called 'soft' SUVs spend little or no time off-road. They are designed to be really on-road driver friendly rather than mud-pluggers. However, it is a nice extra feature if they can also get you out of a tight spot, like the new CR-V more than proved to me it can do.

It has been engineered to be more efficient. Under the bonnet, the iDTEC diesel engine is a further development of the engine found in the previous generation CR-V which has been comprehensively redesigned to lower CO2 emissions.

The power and torque outputs of the iDTEC engine remain at 150bhp and 350Nm respectively, but the CO2 emissions have fallen from 171g/km to 149g/km for the manual version. It is now in band C and that means a reduction from €677 to €330 in annual road tax. And models equipped with the five-speed automatic transmission have also seen a reduction from 195g/km to 174g/km.

Stop start technology comes as standard on all new CR-V models fitted with a manual transmission. In addition to idle stop, all models are equipped with Honda’s ECO assist system, which helps drivers optimise their driving efficiency. It uses the car’s speedometer to advise drivers how their driving style is impacting on fuel economy. If the car is being driven economically, the dashboard glows green.

The new CR-V features a next generation motion adaptive electric power steering system, which has been refined to combine easy manoeuvrability with increased feedback and response at higher speeds. This sophisticated system also works with Honda’s vehicle stability assist to detect vehicle instability on slippery road conditions and automatically initiates steering inputs that prompt the driver to steer in the correct direction

The hydraulically activated “dual-pump” system found in the third generation CR-V has been replaced by the electronically activated all wheel drive system that provides a faster response when a loss of traction is detected.

The height of the new CR-V car has been reduced by 30mm, but without reducing the interior space for the occupants. The introduction of easy fold-down rear seats has also made it possible to transform the CR-V from a five-seater to a versatile load-lugger at the pull of a handle.

Next autumn the CR-V will also be available with Honda's new 1.6-litre iDTEC engine and for the first time two-wheel-drive options will be added.

Commenting on the new CR-V, Adrian Cole, managing director of Universal Honda, told the Advertiser: “The introduction of this exciting new CRV builds on the brand progress achieved since the launch of the new ninth generation Civic to the Irish market in January of this year.”


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