Speak Irish while you have coffee at McCambridge’s

Galwegians keen to have a chance to speak and practice their Irish can look forward to McCambridge’s on Shop Street being added to Conradh na Gaeilge’s Is Leor Beirt scheme.

Is Leor Beirt or It Takes Two is a national network of conversation circles set up by Conradh na Gaeilge. It entails a group of people meeting in a local cafe or in their workplace restaurant to chat together in Irish on a regular basis.

Is Leor Beirt begins upstairs in McCambridge’s next Tuesday at 10.30am and will continue on a weekly basis. There is no extra cost or time needed to get involved with the network, as the scheme revolves around coffee breaks or lunchtimes.

The scheme seeks to help people overcome their fear and lack of confidence in speaking the language by providing a safe, friendly, and informal setting to use their cúpla focal.

For more information contact Conradh na Gaeilge on 091 - 567824 or see www.arasnangael.ie



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