Back health programme identifies postural problems

A new back health promotion programme is able to identify postural fitness problems in childen as young as eight-years-old.

The Body Aware/Body Smart initiative created by Karen Roberts - who has 24 years’ experience in chronic pain management, orthopaedics and neurology - was first rolled out six years ago as a postural education and back health prevention programme at Scoil Rois primary school in Taylor’s Hill.

During a 30 minute PE session for pupils in first to sixth classes BABS provides early education and training in correct postural alignment and ergonomics through lectures, demonstrations and fun activities.

Ms Roberts was able through this ongoing programme to identify significant postural fitness problems in students as early as second class, she says.

“These problems will have a significant influence on future muscle demands in carrying school bags and in sport or recreation resulting in potential but wholly preventable injury. Poor postural fitness is also responsible for poor performance not only in the classroom but on the playing pitch or, in adults, in the work environment.”

She has also developed a Body Aware/Body Smart Back Builders programme. This eight week course is offered as an after school class for first to sixth class pupils and a day or evening programme for adults.

Karen Roberts believes if we are “body aware” - have learned what correct posture looks and feels like then we can be “body smart” - learn to move with correct posture.

“Once you learn these two key concepts and they must be learned as they are not naturally within us, then we can confidently age with proper postural strength, flexibility and fitness. Much of today’ health care tends to be disease focused when it should be health focused and billions are wasted every year treating back problems that are completely preventable.”

For further information or to avail of a free BABS information lecture contact Karen Roberts at (087 ) 2103257 or email [email protected] or log onto for ongoing back health information.


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