League of Ireland fans’ meeting in city

Galway will host one of a series of meetings taking place throughout the country for all League of Ireland fans.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss issues affecting League of Ireland fans and their clubs, and the Galway venue is the Galway Rovers clubhouse, Claddagh Hall, Galway on Thursday October 11 at 8pm.

The meetings are being organised with the help of Supporters Direct and the supporters trust movement in Ireland. Other topics on the agenda are a national "supporters' charter" and the need for a united voice for League of Ireland fans .

The meetings will culminate in a Fans' Weekend to be held in Cork on November 10/11. The Fans' Weekend will feature discussion on football in Ireland and will debate the outcomes of the forums.

More information can be found by emailing [email protected] or at www.face book.com/loifansforum



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