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Cooking Through the Year

100 Recipes Season by Season

Edited by Emma Callery and Susannah Steel

Dorling Kindersley

With the book publishers pumping up the march towards the Christmas market, cookery books at this time of the year tend to get bigger and bolder or emblazoned with celebrity chefs looking to forge a tie-in with their latest television series. This particular book is from the former category, running just a little shy of 500 pages with hundreds of photographs to go with the recipes. Divided into six chapters – spring, early summer, high summer, autumn, early winter and late winter – that obviously offer seasonal recipes, there are also pieces on season’s best lettuce, how to stone cherries, how to skin a fish fillet, hot to deseed and cut chillies, how to peel a butternut squash, how to segment an orange, and how to wash and cut leeks julienne. The best of the recipes include spinach-stuffed veal; marmalade-glazed gammon with new potatoes and chicory; mini-chicken burgers with tomato and chilli sauce; monkfish and white wine stew; pumpkin and parsnip cassoulet; slow-cooked lamb with orange and chestnuts; baked turkey rolls filled with chestnuts and mushrooms; beef and ale cobbler; perfect fish and chips; fish fingers with tartar sauce; chocolate orange truffle cake; and Middle Eastern date cakes with pomegranate drizzle. Slick, colourful, and easy-to-follow, it is one of the best introductory cookery books on the Christmas market and is sure to be a big seller.


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