Be Galway’s 16th Man

Galway hurlers return to Croke Park in less than 10 days hoping to quench a 24 year famine and bring the Liam McCarthy west for the winter.

The Galway Hurling Supporters’ Club is urging Galwegians to support their team by becoming Galway’s 16th Man.

To win on September 30 will require a mammoth effort from the players, and the club believes that encouragement from the supporters is always a powerful tool.

The GHSC is requesting everyone take part in hoisting Galway flags and buntings wherever possible. By cloaking cars, homes and, business premises in maroon and white, Galwegians will be communicating their best wishes to the team and remind them that the city and county are behind them as they approach their final preparations before the big day.

To add incentive to the endeavour, the GHSC is promising to showcase pictures of the most decorated club, home, car and person on its Facebook page. Be as creative, inventive, and innovative as possible when thinking of maroon and white creations.

To keep the supporters’ momentum going, Galway’s 16th Man will be deployed again on match day. In the 16th minute of the first and second half everyone will recite the verses of the famous ‘Fields of Athenry’ and cause an eruption of vocal adrenaline to motivate the Galway players, and hopefully demoralise the opposition. There will be maroon and white signage in Hill 16. As the sign is erected, the voices of the Galway contingent will soar with the ‘Fields of Athenry’.

The GHSC requests that everyone make an effort to circulate the agenda via word of mouth as well as sharing the plan on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Winning any competition demands a collective effort, the club says, and everyone has a role as part of Galway’s quest.

“Everyone wants Fergal Moore to be the man lifting the Liam McCarthy Cup over a wave of maroon and white. That wave begins in the streets of Galway before it can travel eastwards to Croke Park, and it will be the response of the people that will determine the level of support that will arrive in Croke Park. There is an old adage that preaches ‘Ask not what your county can do for you. Ask what you can do for your county.’ Now is the time to testify.”

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