The Three Deaths of Eddie at the Town Hall Studio

By Roisin Peddle

BALLYBANE ACTOR Graham Feely makes his return to the Galway stage at the end of September with his self-produced show, The Three Deaths of Eddie.

Graham made his acting debut in the multi-award winning Irish film Kings alongside Colm Meaney. While also continuing his screen career, he began to get more involved in theatre. He directed and produced two sell-out runs of his adaptation of Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, which he then followed with an adaptation of Taxi Driver.

Setting up his own production company, Wolf Meets World Productions, Graham returns with his own play, The Three Deaths of Eddie. This dark play is a tale of gangsters, robbery, and theatre. Set in New York, the play follows mobster Bullet Bill who blackmails a bank manager into concealing stolen gold in his vaults. A plot is hatched to stage a failed robbery and liberate the gold.

The play is tale of revenge, regret, and redemption. Touching on themes of the Faustian pact, the play is filled with larger than life characters. Just who is Eddie? Where did Bullet Bill get his nickname?

The Three Deaths of Eddie stars Barry Keane, best known for his appearances in Ros na Run. The play runs at the Town Hall Studio from September 26 to 29. Performances are at 8.30pm each night. Tickets cost €10 and to book call 091 569 777.


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