Beating unemployment

WIN was set up in 2009 to provide a service to the new or unexpected unemployed and those who are under employed. WIN a not for profit organization and provides a unique service whereby members fully participate in all activities rather than being a passive observer. It is through communication, training, mentoring and networking that WIN helps and encourages members to create employment and business opportunities for themselves and others.

One of the powerful aspects of WIN is member participation which allows each person to rebuild their confidence and self esteem. People who come to WIN also have the opportunity to use their skills to help others but they also utilise the group to learn from others and enhance their own skills.

WIN holds networking meetings on a bi weekly basis at the Enterprise Ireland Galway offices in Mervue Industrial Estate from 10am until 1pm. Part 1 consists of The Elevator Pitch where each member ‘sells themselves’ or their ‘business idea’ to the group and part 2 consists of a relevant training session. Some training to date has included: CV and Interview Preparation: Competency Based Interview Techniques; The Elevator Pitch (selling yourself/your business ); Finance For Starting Your Own Business; New Opportunities through Licensing; Introduction to Lean Manufacturing and social media sessions to equip members with the skills to use social media as a means of promoting themselves, their CV or their business.

With a growing demand for help and support from those seeking work, in January of this year we rolled out our Mentoring Programme. With the diversity of people, experience and skills within the group we successfully run the programme largely drawn from our own members support. WIN mentors are WIN participants with a proven track record of success who volunteer their experience, advice and support to mentees, who are also WIN participants with the key objective of building mentees capability.

If you are looking for work here are some tips to help keep you motivated:

Organise finance and set budgets.

Get a diary and plan days and weeks.

Focus on the controllables to maintain perspective.

Maintain a positive mental attitude.

Dress well each day.

Set time aside each day for exercise.

Maintain friendships and support network.

Take the time to discover true passions and future goals.

Spend time creating an engaging CV.

Keep a spreadsheet of job applications.

Seek education/training opportunities.

Start building a compelling online selling presence using social media

marketing tools.

Use your network!


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