Crime Before Bedtime release demo EP

GALWAY ALTERNATIVE rockers Crime Before Bedtime have released a four track demo EP, a tasty sample of their sound ahead of their Citóg gig in The Cellar on Thursday August 9.

The quintet, which features vocalist Colin Finnerty, has made the EP available via a free download through Bandcamp. Physical copies are available from Bell, Book & Candle.

The EP opens with ‘Girl Interrupted’ featuring a recitation by Galway based poet Elaine Cosgrove over an eerie and mournful acoustic guitar figure. Although very short it is very effective. Then comes a burst of energy in the anthemic and catchy ‘Bound’, a song that will stick in the head and probably get audiences sweating and hopping at shows. The remaining two tracks do not quite hit the heights of the opening pair, but are still fun.

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