Crowe pleased that new traffic light system performed well under stress of Volvo

The chairman of the City Council Transportation Committee Cllr Michael Crowe has confirmed that the recent changes introduced on the Seamus Quirke Road, the recently transformed Font (Ballybane ) and Morris (Tuam Rd ) roundabouts to junctions and the previously transformed Briarhill Junction will see continued improved traffic flows over the course of the next few weeks.

He also added that further changes and works will be necessary in order to maximise the benefits for commuters in and around the city which will further minimise journey times.

“We just had one of the busiest weeks in the city and the system was severely tested and it held up reasonably well. We are at this point, happy with the progress we are seeing. It is clear that we are beginning to see some of the benefits of the changes.

“The Seamus Quirke Road is moving much better in the last week or so as we have now linked up all of the lights to the urban traffic control centre in City Hall. I acknowledge there are further problems that need to be ironed out along this stretch, particularly on the Rahoon Road as these are not linked in yet but they will be shortly.”

“On the eastside, at the two new junctions, we have seen traffic flows improve as a result of the change to junctions and this will continue to get better as we work through the next couple of weeks. Here, again, the Ballybrit and Briarhill junctions are not currently linked to the traffic centre, but will be shortly which will see further progress in the flow of traffic through them.

“On occasion traffic has backed up on the Tuam road and Bothar Na Treabh, which is the road that runs up from the Menlo Park Hotel but these too are improving as time passes but I will continue to have them monitored and ensure smother running overtime”

“As chairman of Galway City’s Transport and Infrastructure Committee, both I, the committee and the staff in the Transportation Unit in City Hall have put years of work in to this and it is now beginning to pay off. We have introduced significant, transformative change over the last 18 months in the area of transport infrastructure and I will continue to push and propose further change.

“It has been and continues to be an enormous challenge but it is something I believe whole heartily in. Change is difficult and in areas like this, at the outset not always popular but it is necessary to ensure progress.

“And our city needs to be progressing to keep pace. As a long-time advocate of this new system and the councillor who has been at the forefront of the campaign for the changes, I believe it will benefit all commuters and residents in the city. Over the last number of months I have held weekly meetings with the Director and his team to ensure that all that can be done is being done to progress these projects. These meetings are going to continue for the foreseeable future. Notwithstanding some issues that still need to be addressed, I am confident the projects are in the best interests of the city and this is my only concern.”


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