126 gets carbonated

THE CHEMICAL element carbon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe by mass after hydrogen, helium, and oxygen.

It is the 15th most abundant element in the Earth’s crust and it exists in all known life forms, including the human body, where it is the second most abundant element by mass after oxygen.

Belfast born, Norway and Denmark based artist Eamon O’Kane has focused on carbon for his new exhibition, In All Things, which is currently running in the 126 Gallery on Queen Street.

For this show O’Kane has produced a series of charcoal animations and constructed a site-specific installation of charcoal wall drawings and sculptures examining the molecular and crystal structure of carbon and other elements.

The show also draws on the legacy of Frederich Fröbel and his education techniques. Fröbel originally trained as a crystallographer before designing Fröbel Gifts, an educational play material, which includes geometric building blocks and pattern activity blocks.

The exhibition runs until July 7. Opening hours are Wednesdays to Saturdays from 1pm to 6pm. See www.eamonokane.com and www.126.ie


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