126’s Experimental Film Club

MÉNILMONTANT, THE classic 1925 film by Dimitri Kirsanoff will be the first film shown in the 126 Gallery’s new Experimental Film Club.

Ménilmontant, regarded as a masterpiece of silent cinema, will be shown this evening at 8pm in 126, Artist-run Gallery, Queen Street. It will be screened on 16mm film.

The film follows a pair of sisters who leave the country for the city after their parents are mysteriously murdered. Unusually for the time, there are no intertitles, so the plot is communicated entirely with imagery.

Kirsanoff employs a wide variety of tools, from superimposition to expressive close-ups to poetic non-narrative shots of the urban surroundings.

The Experimental Film Club aims to bring together cinephiles and like-minded individuals interested in experimental cinema and be a forum for discussion around experimental film practices, both contemporary and historic, with the aim of building new audiences in Galway for this unique and overlooked form of cinema.

Admission is free and all are welcome. See www.experimentalfilmclub.wordpress.com



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