Canney calls for referendum postponment

The elections in France, Greece, and Germany, and the growing momentum for economic recovery through stimulus, not austerity, demands that Ireland postpone the May 31 referendum.

This is the view of Independent county councillor Seán Canney who has called on the Government to postpone the upcoming Fiscal Compact Treaty referendum.

“The Government have handled this referendum very badly and called the date of the referendum too soon,” he said. “The evolving political landscape in Europe and the change in attitude by countries such as France means this treaty as constructed may never be implemented in Europe.”

Cllr Canney argues that the referendum should be postponed until October to allow the European Union “to re-evaluate the wording of the treaty and to include funding to stimulate growth and job creation”.

Cllr Canney said the referendum “is the most important decision we as a nation” will be making, so “there is no need to rush this”. The State has until December 31 to ratify the treaty.


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