World music @ Monroe’s Live

LATIN AMERICAN, Malaysian, African, and Balkan styles of music will be the order of the day at The Havana Way night in Monroe’s Live on Friday May 11 at 9pm.

Performing on the night will be Baque Soul who play Brazilian soul-funk and samba, Latin grooves, and hip-hop. They are fronted by Mexican vocalist Susana Garcia and Brazilian street poet Juliana Duraes. The intensity of their live shows has earned them a reputation as a must see band.

Also playing are Madu, the Dublin-based band fronted by Irish/Malaysian brother and sister Salim and Aminah. They play a psychedelic roots music driven by bass heavy rhythms. They will perform with a full horn section.

Concluding the night will be DJ iZem who will play a mix of Colombian Cumbia, London bass, Afro percussion, and Balkan brass.

Admission is €5.


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