Faith healer to hold clinic in Tuam

Over 30 years ago, Paddy Hughes had no idea of what fate had in store for him when his aunt chose him to carry on the gift of healing which had been in the family for over 100 years.

He has close to 30 different cures and heals through prayer. Other remedies include oatmeal to cure asthma, angina and headaches and sand to get rid of warts and verucca.

Mr Hughes cannot explain how it works, but it is a great believer in the power of prayer.

He says that he gets requests from people of all walks of life. He adds with a touch of humour “when they have tried the rest, they come to me”.

Mr Hughes also works on animals and has great success in curing Orf in sheep. A phone call can relieve red water in cattle or pink eye in animals.

He will be in the Ard Ri Hotel, Tuam on May 8, 15 and 22 (3 Tuesdays ) from 1-7 pm.


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