How to beat stage fright — public speaking and presentation skills workshop

The best prepared presentation can go desperately wrong when the presenter has “stage fright”. Having to make a presentation in front of a group can be nerve wracking, no matter how big or small the group or how familiar they may be. It requires a high level of confidence and preparation.

The ability to influence other people is essential for business owners, salespeople, managers, supervisors and

other representatives. Presentations are often an essential element in making deals, closing sales and influencing opinion and poor or ineffective presentation skills are often the cause of everyday problems in business, leading to lost sales and missed opportunities. Good presenters relate to their audience, they inform, they are understood, they engage and connect with their audience. Effective public speaking is a skill we can develop particularly will with the good training. As with any skill we learn we can improve our performance and how effective we are.

Following the success and feedback from previous participants, a two day course “Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Workshop” developed by Galway based business and life coach Evelyn Cormican will take place on May 2 in the Pillo Hotel, Headford Road, Galway from 9am – 5pm. This two day interactive workshop will provide proven methods, practical tips, and role play to boost performance and settle those nerves. It will focus on engaging your audience and delivering your message with confidence and charisma.

You will learn the behaviours of the most outstanding speakers, influencers and motivators in the world, automatically using them in any communication environment without conscious effort or thought.

It is said that the number one fear among people is the fear of spiders, followed by the fear of public speaking, followed by the fear of death, which means people would rather die than speak in public unless of course they were speaking to a group of spiders then it would be number one fear. People often miss out on opportunities in business due to the anxiety associated with making a presentation and rather than enjoy a presentation and engage the audience many people are just focused on getting through the event.

‘Our fear of presenting to an audience can go back to our school days, we might not have been encouraged and acknowledged for our efforts at reading in front of a class, but very often the opposite, our mistakes were highlighted and corrected, these events may have built up a negative association with speaking in public and can impact our perception of speaking to a group’, commented Evelyn Cormican.

This course is for anyone who wants to improve the public speaking and presentation skills. Places can be booked by calling Evelyn on 087 6083846 or by email : [email protected]


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