Galway style writer launches on-line magazine and blog

Goddess MECA is only three weeks old yet it is fast gaining popularity as a place to log on.

It is the brainchild of well-known Galway style and lifestyle writer Mary E Coen, . A little like an on-line magazine cum website and blog, it is stylish in design yet relaxed and laid back. Ms Coen insists that every woman is a Goddess.

This explains the name:- Mary Elizabeth Coen assists the goddess in every woman through sharing her love of fashion, mythology, and cookery.

Ms Coen is a home economist, writer and blogger who has also worked as a public relations consultant and fashion stylist. She is also a contributor to the Galway Advertiser Food & Wine section where she supplies quick and easy treat recipes. Check out the website at Facebook; goddessMeca; and Twitter @goddessmeca


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