Renault Kangoo sets new fuel consumption record

In the wake of the launch of Kangoo ZE at the end of 2011, the internal combustion-engined version of Kangoo is back in the news with the introduction to the range of two new engines – Energy dCi 90 and 75.

With these two engines under the bonnet of the PC and LCV versions of the Kangoo, the model sets a new fuel consumption record of 4.4 litres/100km (equivalent to 115g of CO2/km[1] ) to emerge as the most frugal vehicles in their respective classes (‘ludospace’ and small van ).

Oil change intervals have been extended to every 40,000km/two years, instead of every 30,000km/two years, the longest in the engine’s class. In total, running-cost savings amount to 14 per cent.

The Kangoo is the first model to offer Energy dCi 90 and 75 engine versions, thus bringing the technological excellence of Formula 1 to the world of road vehicles.


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