Councillors condemn dog fouling in Salthill

Dogs should be banned from the Salthill Promenade as the problem of dog fouling along the popular walkway is spoiling the city’s best amenity.

This is the view of Labour councillor Colette Connolly who was speaking at Monday’s city council meeting.

Her concerns were echoed by her party colleague Cllr Nuala Nolan who said “the problem with dogs is that they cannot read or write” and thereby not understand signs regarding dog dirt on the prom, unlike the dogs’ owners.

However Fine Gael councillor Frank Fahy said: “Even the dogs in the street know you can’t foul on the prom.”

The problem was of concern to all councillors including Independent councillor Catherine Connolly who regularly rollerblades along the stretch. Cllr Connolly suggested that the council use health professionals to inform the public of the dangers of dog fouling, rather than using additional signage

A ban was not put in place despite being proposed by a number of councillors. A previous ban of dogs on Ballyloughane beach was not successful according to Independent Cllr Terry O’Flaherty.


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