Kick the wall for charity

An initiative by the Galway Rotary Club to instal a kicking plaque on the Salthill promenade has been accepted by city councillors.

The proposal is an attempt by the organisation to make a significant mark at the traditional kicking wall to raise money for charity.

The kick with a purpose plaque will be installed on a wall at the Blackrock end of the prom at the same spot where locals and tourists have historically marked their walk.

The plaque will include a collection box for numerous local charities. The charities will change on a rotating basis, and will be controlled by the Galway Rotary Club.

The issue was discussed at Monday’s city council meeting where the council’s director of services Ciarán Hayes said the executive welcomed the plan, and it will be installed as part of a plan to “declutter” the wall.

The decluttering operation will see the removal of bins, and the relocation of the public tap discreetly to the side of the plaque. Councillors expressed concern for the plaque, as the charity box may attract vandals, however Mr Hayes advised that the plaque will be fitted with a sufficient safe.



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