A tiger’s tale — how one man lost it all but bounced back

George Mordaunt

George Mordaunt

Are you worried about your business, your borrowings and surviving this recession? Are your worries impacting on your family, your personal health, your ability to strive forward, your negotiations to survive? Do you need inspiration and courage to bring your business through this recession?

Then go and meet Tipperary-born George Mordaunt in the Pillo Hotel, Headford Point, Galway tonight Thursday March 1st at 7.00pm when he will deliver a brutally honest account of his worst business experiences to his survival plan which he has published in the highly acclaimed book Shepherd’s Pie. Believing that many Irish businesses are now in trouble not only because of the recession but because of the response of business owners to the recession, George Mordaunt has brought us Shepherd’s Pie and INSIGHT sessions for business owners and operators. This is a fresh approach to discussing, identifying and developing solutions to all business difficulties and challenges.

From Clonmel in Tipperary, Mr Mordaunt was born into the family business of a motor dealership which he joined in 1986. His passion for the business and his acute marketing ability quickly saw the development of the Mordaunt brand. He grew and expanded the business, dealerships and other business interests.

Having experienced the highs of the boom, the politics of a family business, and the near-collapse of it all, Mr Mordaunt shares the excruciating pain of his experiences in his book Shepherd’s Pie. In his INSIGHT sessions he will share to the audience his brutal honesty and vivid accounts of his despair, combined with his eventual courage to face up to his fears at his bleakest point and turn around his downfall.

The INSIGHT Sessions — the first of which comes to the Pillo Hotel Galway on March 1— details the worst fears of any business person, losing ultimately everything, including the family home. This the first actual real life account of what it is like to be in business in Ireland over the last couple of years. His INSIGHT Session will provide businesses with a clear roadmap to recovery demonstrating the requirement for everybody to be an active participant in their own rescue.

Businesses can learn from Mordaunt’s real experience and how best to approach the following:

Banking solutions

Debt forgiveness

Bank applications

Negative equity issues,

Communicating with your banks

Revenue or rent arrears

Cost cutting

Asset reductions

New business and marketing concepts

Mordaunt believes it is time to start talking nationally, and tonight he will share his experiences and give you practical advice on how to approach your situation and listen to businesses stories and questions.

Book your place for the first INSIGHT session on www.georgemordaunt.com

or email [email protected].

Admission is €20pp. All are welcome


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