Orient Occident exhibition at UCHG

PAINTINGS INSPIRED by North Africa, Spain, and Turkey, and Islamic architecture, art, and culture have inspired are currently on show in a new exhibition in UCHG.

This is Orient Occident, a series of new paintings by the Galway based German artist Anne Korff, which are on display in the hospital’s Arts Corridor.

Anne’s trips led to an interest in the swamping of traditional life-styles and architecture by Western consumer society; the contrast between Islamic and western societies; and the abstract nature of Islamic decoration and its meditative qualities.

These elements had a profound effect on the artist and her response was to produce abstract paintings, using shapes and colours in arrangements totally at variance with everything she had done before.

“Producing abstract paintings has been truly liberating,” she says, “allowing me to incorporate and question aspects of Christianity, consumerism and capitalism, with motifs and colours borrowed from Islamic decoration and buildings.”

The fruits of these ideas - a celebration of the beauty of Islamic art as seen by a Westerner - are now on show at the hospital until March 26. Anne will be giving workshops on the themes running through the series starting on March 13.

For further information on the workshops or exhibition please contact Margaret Flannery, arts director at 091 - 544979 or [email protected]


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