Support group Renew to hold meetings in Tuam

Renew is a group of people who understand that mutual support and personal exploration are key elements in overcoming emotional, psychological, and spiritual distress.

Any one of us can find that, at some point in our lives, we experience severe or overwhelming distress. The most common response in our society to severe distress is to treat the experience as one of illness. People in overwhelming distress are frequently labelled as mad or psychotic, and given little hope of returning to full and thriving lives.

Prevailing theories point towards chemical imbalance in the brain, or other brain malfunctions. Renew believes that theories are far from proven and that there are other ways to view the experience of severe distress. Renew is a support group for people who have experience of deep distress. Its aim is to support each member in finding ways to move through distress and into thriving lives.

An introductory meeting was held in Tuam on Thursday, January 26. It was agreed to hold two meetings a month on the second and fourth Monday of every month. The next meeting will be on February 27 at 8pm. Meetings will take place in rooms next door to the Tuam and District Mental Health Association, opposite the entrance to SuperValu supermarket, at Bishop Street car park.

For further information see or telephone Barry on 086 6090125.


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