Car owners do not feel safe after dark in Dyke Road car park, says O’Flaherty

People working late hours in town and who leave their cars in the Dyke Road car park have complained of “not feeling safe walking this area late in the evening”.

According to Independent city councillor Terry O’Flaherty this problem stems from the decision of the Galway City Council to set aside the top end of the car park on the Dyke Road for €2 hourly parking and that the area at the lower end would be used for the €4 all day parking.

“Since the changes were implemented in December I have received numerous complaints from shop assistants, particularly the ones who work in shops that stay open late at the weekends,” she says.

“They are unhappy with the new arrangements, as they do not feel safe walking this area late in the evening, particularly during the dark winter months. Quite a number of them informed me that sometimes during their tea breaks they remove their cars from the car park rather than have to go there late into the evening.”

Cllr O’Flaherty raised this issue with City Hall’s director of services for transport Ciarán Hayes who informed her that his department has been receiving a number of similar complaints.

It has now been agreed that the issue will be discussed at the next council meeting on Monday March 5.

Both Cllr O’Flaherty and Fianna Fáil councillor Peter Keane have submitted a notice of motion requesting the council “immediately re-instate the €4 per day parking charge for the entire Dyke Road” and they will be seeking the support of the elected members for their proposal.


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