Robert Ballagh to speak on EU austerity treaty in Galway

Robert Ballagh, one of Ireland’s leading artists, and an outspoken commentator on politics, will be among the speakers at a public meeting on the EU austerity treaty.

The meeting takes place in the Town Hall Theatre on Tuesday at 8.30pm and is entitled EU Austerity Treaty: Economic Suicide.

Robert Ballagh is a long-standing critic of the EU. He told the Galway Advertiser: “The EU fanatics have come to such a policy dead-end that they really no longer care what happens to our country. It would be an affront to what is left of our national democracy and political independence if the Government attempts to ratify this treaty without a referendum.”

The other speakers will be Prof Terry McDonough of NUI Galway’s Department of Economics and Independent city councillor Catherine Connolly.

The event is organised by the People’s Movement. Admission is free



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