Volvo Ocean Race cars inspired by the sea

The Volvo Ocean Race editions are inspired by the world's most gruelling ocean adventure. They are now available from your local Volvo dealer. For Ireland the Volvo Ocean Race has special meaning – more than 500,000 people attended the spectacular stopover in Galway during the 2008/2009 race. The Volvo Ocean Race was so warmly received here in 2009 that for the 2011/ 2012 race Galway is the ultimate destination, with the race finishing here in July this year.

"The Volvo Ocean race is now very well understood in Ireland," commented David Baddeley, managing director of Volvo Cars in Ireland. "I believe that a combination of the Volvo Ocean Race themed features and excellent value for money will make the Volvo Ocean Race Edition a popular choice for our customers over the coming months."

"The cars in the Volvo Ocean Race Edition reflect the values that many of our customers look for when they choose a car: an active lifestyle, adventure and passion, without compromising safety and environmental care," says Lennart Stegland, president of the special vehicles division at Volvo Cars.

Customers can choose between two luxurious exterior colours, Volvo Ocean Blue II or Electric Silver, in conjunction with the sail-inspired leather upholstery in off-black and soft beige.

Other features are the uniquely designed aluminium wheels, inspired by the ocean's waves, chromed detailing, and the Volvo Ocean Race emblem gleaming on the front wings.

Inside the car, the seats and door panels feature an added level of craftsmanship. The load cover displays the Volvo Ocean Race logo and the sailing theme continues throughout, including the stitching and detailing, the textile floor mats with clew-inspired details in aluminium and the tread plate in aluminium is embossed with the text "Volvo Ocean Race". In addition, the human machine interface start-up display shows the Volvo Ocean Race logo and text.

The full Volvo Ocean Race 'fleet' of special editions includes:

• Volvo V60 Volvo Ocean Race – from €37,305

• Volvo V70 Volvo Ocean Race – from €41,163

• Volvo XC60 Volvo Ocean Race – from €46,757

• Volvo XC70 Volvo Ocean Race – from €48,587

Based on the ES version of each model and priced at €2,500 more than the ES for the V60 and V70, and €3,000 more than the ES variant for the XC60 and XC70, it features standard leather, InscriptionTM paintwork and larger alloy wheels, ensuring the Special Editions provides both value and uniqueness.

The cars in the Volvo Ocean Race Edition series can be specified with the full range of engine alternatives available for each respective model.


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