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Gemma Ni Chionnoith and Angela Kenny directors of Motivation Weight Management Clinics, Galway with staff (l-r) Aisling Faherty, Noirí≠n Brady, Deirdre Faherty, Chloe Folan and Diana Vahey. Photo:-Mike Shaughnessy

Gemma Ni Chionnoith and Angela Kenny directors of Motivation Weight Management Clinics, Galway with staff (l-r) Aisling Faherty, Noirí≠n Brady, Deirdre Faherty, Chloe Folan and Diana Vahey. Photo:-Mike Shaughnessy

It is mid-January, the waistline is giving the tell-tale signs of the festive over-indulgences, and you’re thinking it is about time to do something about it. Where to start? Well, if you are looking for expert advice as well as the key ingredient of easy-to-follow food programmes then the Motivation Weight Management clinics in Galway city and Tuam are a good place to begin the journey to a healthier slimmer new you.

With so many different diets and other programmes out there, it can be extremely daunting and confusing deciding where to start and how. Not only that, but after the initial weight loss the real challenge can often be maintaining that new slimmer you. This is where the Motivation Weight Management clinics at Galway Technology Park, Parkmore, and Meridian House, Galway Road, Tuam, step in. As the name suggests, motivation is the name of the game here, the staff at the clinics are with you every step of the way, ensuring that the right food plans are being followed in the correct way and that advice and support is given on a continuous basis. Starting with a no obligation initial assessment of eating habits and behaviours, a tailored programme is recommended together with weekly private individual consultations with weight management experts such as Gemma Kenny, who has helped many clients achieve the results they wanted since starting the business.

“My mum, Angela, and I first expressed an interest in Motivation Weight Management about four years ago. We had heard about the amazing results that had been achieved in the other clinics throughout the country and the more we researched the programme, and the people behind it, the more convinced we were of its merits. When the opportunity came up to open the clinic in Galway we both jumped at the chance.

“After a very long and intensive training process, my mum and I opened our first Motivation Weight Management clinic in Parkmore (beside the Ballybrit racecourse ) more than two and a half years ago. The clinic in Parkmore was the first Motivation Weight Management Clinic to open in the west of Ireland and we were delighted to be in a position to bring the programme to Galway. We really hit the ground running. The Motivation clinics already had such a great reputation around the country that we were inundated with people who were keen to get started the moment we opened our doors. People were already aware of the results that friends and family had achieved in some of the other clinics around the country and were eager to get started. We had people travelling to Parkmore from every corner of the county, from Clare, Mayo and even as far away as Sligo to join the programme. Two and half years on and we have now opened our second clinic in Tuam and we plan to open a third in the near future,” said Ms Kenny.

Clients are placed on a 20-week programme of one-to-one consultations with the focus placed on identifying habits and attitudes that have caused them to gain the weight

The Motivation Weight Management clinic business as a whole began in Ireland more than 15 years ago and has grown to include up to 30 franchises with even more due to open in the near future. The programme, which was created by Dr Maurice Larocque - one of the world’s leading experts on obesity and weight related problems - is specifically designed for men, women, and children of all ages with any amount of weight to lose. According to Ms Kenny, clients are placed on a 20 week programme of one-to-one consultations with the focus placed not on how little or how much weight a person would like to lose, but on identifying the habits and attitudes that have caused them to gain the weight in the first place.

“We provide tailored eating plans and help our clients to make the changes necessary to lose the weight initially, but more importantly, to maintain it long-term. We would expect our clients to lose an average of a stone within the first four to six weeks of the programme and 86 per cent of our clients who complete a maintenance programme not only reach, but maintain, their weight long-term. Motivation Weight Management is unique, it is a complete approach to weight loss. It provides clients with the understanding needed to reach their goal weight but, more importantly, it provides the tools to maintain their weight loss long-term,” said Ms Kenny.

The weight goal is determined and an individual healthy eating plan is developed

The programme begins by targetting the behaviours and attitudes that are holding a client back from reaching their ideal weight. A client’s weight goal is then determined and an individual healthy eating plan is developed to help achieve that goal. The process begins with an initial no obligation assessment which takes approximately 30 minutes and involves a full body composition analysis (fat, muscle, and water measurement ), taking a client’s measurements, calculating body mass index, heart and blood measurement, and the completion of a lifestyle questionnaire. Once you’ve decided to continue on the programme the first consultation then takes place. This involves exploring the reasons behind a person’s eating habits, an introduction to your weight management advisor, the completion of a lifestyle and medical history questionnaire, an introduction to the starter pack (a motivational book by Dr Larocque, a healthy eating food plan booklet tailored to the client, a food diary, and weekly motivational handouts ) and then followed by weekly consultation reviews of the plan. The nutritional programmes are rich in protein which benefits a client by reducing cravings and feelings of hunger or deprivation, maintaining concentration, ensuring muscle retention, and lowering cholestorol and regulating blood sugar. There are a number of healthy eating plans to choose depending on each individual’s specific needs or difficulties. Most importantly the programmes involve a great deal of support to help you not only lose excess weight but also to maintain it at an ideal level. The maintenance programme is designed to help a client maintain their ideal target weight forever. A client is advised to visit the clinic once a month for 12 months for regular check-ups with a consultant and to do the mental weight questionnaire to ensure that a client’s motivation is at its best and none of the old habits have crept back.

Over the 15 years of Motivation Weight Management there have been numerous success stories

Over the 15 years of Motivation Weight Management there have been numerous success stories and hopefully this year you will be able to join the ranks. There are a number of testimonials about the benefits of the programme; here are words from just some of the satisfied customers who have achieved their goals:

Liz, who lost three and a half stone, said: “The programme has changed the way I think about food and eating. I now enjoy eating a healthy diet and I am satisfied with my meals. I no longer used food as a tool to deal with my emotions. My self-confidence and self-esteem have increased significantly and I now love shopping for clothes.” John who lost four and a half stone in seven months said: “I have a tremendous ‘feel good’ factor with my weight loss. I have become much fitter and capable of undertaking far more exercise than before without becoming tired.” While Lillian, who lost five stone, said: “The Motivation programme has made me feel very good about myself. It has eliminated all my bad habits. I can now say 'no' to all temptations. It has helped me to reach my goal without ever being hungry. It has made me feel very healthy. The staff at the clinic were wonderful and encouraged me all the way. I can still enjoy eating out, and feel I am still in full control of my habits. The CDs have helped me to become more positive. They have made me think before I eat. I could relate some of Dr Laroque's case studies to myself and my bad habits. His encouragement put me on the right track for life.”

To find out more and achieve your weight-loss goal this year contact the Motivation Weight Management Clinic in Parkmore on 091 480160 or in Tuam on 093 22344. Alternatively, visit



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