Moment by moment… mindfully

Members of AA have long known the wisdom of taking life one day at a time. Those of us who practice mindfulness are also discovering the value of living life one moment at a time.

When life presents us with challenges such as chronic or life-threatening illness, the stress and worries of caring for a parent or child with special needs, or just keeping one’s head above water in these difficult times, the very thought of what is ahead can seem too much. It is at such times that coming fully into the direct experience of just this moment can be a true refuge. Stepping out of anxious thoughts to simply notice the flow of breath in the body or to feel the grip of fear in the belly can be enough to reconnect us to the part of us that is whole, that knows that, no matter how difficult life seems, it is manageable, if we live in a mindful, embodied, way one moment at a time.

The next mindfulness-based stress reduction course begins on January 25, or try a morning of mindfulness on Saturday January 21 (€15/€10 ). Enquiries to Finola Ó Siochrú, 091 737697, 087 2279071, [email protected], or visit


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