Learn to play guitar with Guitar Made Easy

When is the best time to learn to play the guitar? According to Kevin McNicholas of Guitar Made Easy, the best time is right now.

“Any time is a good time to begin learning, but you can make things much easier for yourself by taking part in structured classes,” he said. “Having seen thousands of people learning to play, I know what the pitfalls are. I can save you time, money and frustration.”

And what is the best age at which to learn?

“Any age from 10 years and up,” he adds. “But it’s important to stress that there is no upper age limit. In other words, you are never too old.”

More and more people are turning to the internet to learn to play, but according to Kevin McNicholas that brings its own hazards.“For people who can already play the basics, the internet is a huge resource, but for complete beginners it’s a bit of a disaster,” he explained.

To join the classes, no prior musical knowledge is required. Gift vouchers are available directly from Kevin McNicholas. “It’s the gift that takes 10 weeks to open, and lasts a lifetime,” he added. “And if you don’t own a guitar, borrow one. There are lots of guitars out there not being used, so if you ask around among family and friends, you are bound to find one you can use for the first few weeks.”

January 2012 classes start on the following dates – Oranmore (Mon 16 ), Galway (Tues 17 ) Tuam (Wed 18 ) and Castlebar (Thur 19 ). There are two classes in each venue – 7pm and 8.15pm

Further details are available on the website, www.guitar-made-easy.com You can ring the class tutor, Kevin McNicholas, for further information or help on buying a guitar at 093 36724


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