Decision to axe Local Improvement Schemes is a disgrace, says Canney

The Government has decided not to continue to fund Local Improvement Schemes states Cllr. Seán Canney.

The Local Improvement Schemes (LIS ) were in place to upgrade non public roads. The works were carried out by Galway County Council and the communities contributed to the schemes by way of a local contribution of 15 per cent..

“The scheme was used to upgrade roads which were not public but were used to service dwellings, farms and had a link to public roads,” said Cllr. Canney.

“Many roads were upgraded over the years under this scheme but funding was dramatically reduced by the last government and now this government has decided to end the Scheme entirely leaving many communities, who have applied for the schemes without any support.”

“It is one scheme where the communities contributed to making access possible and safe for these roads. It is a disgrace that this scheme is being axed by a Government who are determined to tax and cut funds from its citizens in order to continue to save the bondholders, concluded Cllr Canney



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