Environmental building science services in Galway

Building Science Technologies is a Galway company which offers building energy management consultancy and diagnostic services to both domestic and commercial buildings. The range of services includes building energy ratings, energy audits, building air leakage testing, thermal imaging surveys, and site suitability tests.

From January 2009 all buildings which are rented, sold, or newly constructed are required by law to have a building energy rating. BST is one of the first companies in Ireland registered with Sustainable Energy Ireland to carry out building energy ratings for both domestic and new commercial buildings. A BER will allow prospective tenants and purchasers to make informed decisions about the potential energy costs for the building. It is anticipated a high BER rating will be a key marketing tool when selling or renting property in the future. All BERs produced are accompanied by an advisory report outlining the potential improvements which can be made to the building to help achieve a better rating.

In July new building regulations were introduced for domestic and commercial buildings to control the amount of air tightness in buildings. The air-tightness of a building is known as its air permeability, or leakage. Air permeability can occur through unplanned building defects such as gaps, holes, or cracks in the fabric of the building envelope. This uncontrolled air leakage affects the building's energy performance as cold air is drawn in from the outside, and more energy is used to keep the building warm. The lower the air permeability, the less energy is used to heat the building. BST uses the latest technologies on the market to assess the overall air leakage of buildings and determine if they comply with the current buildings regulations. All air leakage tests include an infrared survey, which helps identify any concealed defects in the building envelope, including water leaks and missing insulation.

BST also provides site suitability reports to determine if a site is suitable for an on site wastewater management system under the EPA Groundwater Protection Scheme.

For further details contact Building Science Technologies, phone (091 ) 395428, e-mail [email protected], or visit www.bst.ie



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