Discover the skincare benefits of peat

Briarhill Pharmacy and Beauty Emporium is introducing Galway to Ógra, Ireland’s first and original organic peat skincare range.

Ógra Skincare has developed a unique and quite amazing range of skincare products using 9,000-year-old peat from the bogs of Ireland as one of its ingredients. Peat is an organic soil produced naturally when plants and vegetation decompose in the bog. It lies deep in the bog and has lots of natural goodness from the herbs, shrubs, berries, and minerals it absorbs. Peat contains up to 200 organic ingredients that help skin's natural beauty. Zinc, copper, iron, selenium are all found, but most remarkable of all is the medicinal plants it contains such as sundew, heath, crowberry, and bog whortleberry.

How is peat formed?

Peat is formed when plant material in bogs or marshy areas cannot decay fully because of acidic conditions.

It is made up of bogland vegetation such as trees, grasses, fungi, and other organic remains.

How is peat good for my skin?

Anti-ageing: The peat in Irish bogs has amazing preservation properties. These all help to combat ageing and enhance our skin's healthy glow.

Moisturising: Peat has excellent moisture retaining qualities which improve the skin's elasticity.

Healthy skin: When peat is applied to the skin, it penetrates partially between the epidermis cells. An exchange reaction of ions is produced when the binding process with albumin in the skin occurs. The harmful positive ions in the skin tissues are exchanged for the rejuvenating negative ions in the peat. These particles are captured by the blood vessels and are carried throughout the body to help rejuvenate the skin.

Gentle: The soluble organic and inorganic active ingredients leave the skin detoxified, purified, and toned. It is naturally hypoallergenic, powerful and yet gentle.

Soothing: Smoothing skin helping to eliminate visible signs of stressed and damaged skin.

What makes peat so special?

The rejuvenating benefits can be attributed to the abundance of essential oils, fatty acids, and lipoids. These penetrate the skin, re-establishing its natural pH balance.

How do I know it is working?

When you apply the moor peat to your skin, the increased flow of blood to the skin can be seen by the flush of colour seen on the skin when the peat is rinsed off. Because of the acidic nature of peat you will also experience a tingling sensation on the skin, but this is natural and just the peat doing its work.

This characteristic of peat makes it most effective as an addition to any anti-ageing and beauty treatment for the skin.

The Ógra Skincare product range is now available from Briarhill Pharmacy, priced from €18.

To book an Ógra Skincare body or facial treatment with the Beauty Emporium above Briarhill Pharmacy, call (091 ) 759633.


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