Plan for tan — picking the right tan for you

Find the perfect party look by starting with your tan. Selecting a tan that suits your skin type can be hit and miss, so here are some of Matt O Flaherty chemist’s favourites.

Sally Hansen: Its popularity says it all. It is designed for the legs but can be used all over. Gives good coverage and colour.

Bronze Express: Quick and easy, immediate effect for a bronze tan, you are ready to get dressed and go after application.

Vita Liberata: An organic tan with sheer tint that allows you to see exactly where you have applied it. Ninety nine per cent of users say this tan has no smell.

St Tropez: Gives a rich, deep, long lasting tan. Wide range of products, something to suit all skin types.

Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Cream: Has an exquisite texture that treats and tans the skin at the same time. Gives a beautiful golden tan and leaves the skin silky and radiant.

Sun Shimmer: An instant tan in three different shades. It is good on its own or can be used over another tan to give more even tone or cover mistakes.

Model Co One Night Tan: This is a gorgeous velvety mousse which leaves you bronzed for one night only. Easy to use and is a good colour.

Rockstar Tan Rehab: A useful product to have as part of your tanning kit, it removes mistakes, be it patchy feet or bronzed palms.

All products need to be applied to prepared skin, so try to follow the guidelines below.

Moisturise: It may sound obvious but try to regularly keep your skin in good condition by moisturising every day. Patchy, dry, skin just will not respond well to a faux glow.

Exfoliate: Gently scrub skin before you tan to lift dead skin cells and reveal revitalised, ready-to-tan, skin beneath.

Moisturise: Apply moisturiser before you fake it, but do remember to let it fully sink in before you begin applying your tan enhancer. Pay particular attention to wrists, elbows, ankles, knees, and feet – any areas that can get dry and need extra moisture.

Latex gloves/applicator mitt: The telltale sign you have been cheating is so often the orange-tinted palms. Get into the habit of applying tan wearing latex gloves or using a mitt

Wear loose, dark, clothing afterwards: The number one rule of dressing after tanning is to wear dark, loose, clothing to avoid marking any wardrobe favourites.


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