ULA to hold ‘Alternative to Austerity’ meeting

The United Left Alliance Galway’s Alternative to Austerity event, which takes place this Sunday, is set to be, a “public meeting to explore alternatives to the Government’s slash-and-burn agenda”.

An Alternative to Austerity will take place in The Harbour Hotel at 8pm and will hear contributions from ULA councillor Ruth Coppinger and the UCD sociology lecturer, writer, and commentator Dr Kieran Allen, who is also a member of the ULA National Committee.

Both speakers will set out their proposals for an economic solution that “does not target ordinary people”.

Galway ULA chair Conor McGuinness said the meeting is open to all who are “unhappy with the Government and EU/IMF’s strategy of making working people, the unemployed, older people, and students pay for this crisis”.

“The United Left Alliance has repeatedly called for an alternative to this madness,” said Mr McGuinness, “one which puts the needs of our people and our society ahead of the greed of a handful of super-rich investors who took a gamble and lost.

“We are demanding an end to the bailout of the banks; a tax on the rich, not more burdens on us and our families; an end to the jobs crisis; and the protection of vital public services such as healthcare, education and community supports.”

All are welcome to attend. There will also be an opportunity for audience participation and Q&A with the speakers. There will be entertainment in the bar after the event with music by Martin Molloy and Attilla.


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