Discover your guardian angel at Lazlo

Inspired by angelic themes, the award-winning jewellery designer Roberto Giannotti has created the Angeli collection, a unique range of contemporary jewellery in silver with gold and rose gold, beautifully packaged, and complete with a detailed history of angels throughout the ages.

We learn that there are traditionally 72 guardian angels and their influence is distributed over the course of the year. Every five day period throughout the year is allocated to a specific angel, and the angel corresponding with your birthday is your guardian angel. Knowing your angel's name and meditating on it, is said to provide comfort and solace in times of need.

The collection includes pieces as diverse as a crib angel to watch over your newborn baby and chiama angeli, a set comprising a small and intricately designed bell together with another Angeli pendant from the range. The bell is worn on the chain when pregnant, the delicate chimes being audible to the unborn child. The bell can be replaced by or worn with the pendant when the child is born.

Also available are gorgeous bracelets with hanging chiama angeli or angel charms in leather, silver, or gold, and dainty earrings to match both the pendants and necklaces. The use of sterling silver and solid gold, either yellow or rose gold, rather than gold plating, makes each piece a valuable and long-lasting gift.

Lazlo Jewellers, having been appointed exclusive Galway stockist, has started taking delivery of the Angeli range at its William Street store and will be adding more pieces over the coming weeks. So why not drop in and discover your guardian angel, a personalised and affordable gift with prices starting from just €65.

For more information visit, call Lazlo Jewellers on (091 ) 564544, or visit Lazlo at 20 William Street, Galway.



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