Christmas gift ideas for the man or woman in your life

Buying for him

What is it about men that makes them so difficult to buy for? If you are having trouble finding the perfect gift for your husband, brother, boyfriend, or son, here are a few ideas to help you.

Most men love their gadgets, which makes it easy to buy from a range of tech toys including iPod docking stations, iPads, new mobile phones, and netbooks. Football jerseys, match tickets, or concert tickets are also a popular feature of most men’s wish lists.

If the man in your life is a sports and fitness fanatic, why not help him out by adding to his home gym equipment with items such as a skipping rope, weight gloves, and the now very popular kettle bell, or the perfect push up products. Of course you can never fail with an aftershave, or a CD of his favourite band.

Christmas can be a time to encourage your dad to start taking more care of himself. Consider buying him a treatment for one of the many establishments that cater for men offering everything from the average barber techniques, to massages and other feel-good treatments.

Boyfriends can be trickier. If he is the adventurous type then why not get him a skydive, bungy jump, go-karting, or some other outdoor pursuit, and perhaps consider showing your fun side by joining him. A sports fanatic would love tickets to a few matches scheduled for after the New Year. If all else fails, ask him — better to ruin the surprise than end up spending on the wrong gift.

Buying for her

Are you having trouble deciding on what to buy for that special woman in your life? Finding the perfect gift can be daunting for men, particularly if they have to run the gauntlet of the unfamiliar world of cosmetics, jewellery, and other mysterious feminine favourites.

When it comes to buying a present for her, the top tip is to listen and watch out for the hints, her interests, her likes and dislikes, as this will help shape the type of purchase you make.

If you are really stuck then a voucher from a favourite clothes shop could save your bacon when it comes to gifts for a sister or adult daughter. Also, as a voucher often looks insubstantial under the Christmas tree, a remedy would be to pick up some lovely stocking fillers that will help to impress, a beauty or music shop can be a good place to start. Mothers often spoil their sons rotten so return the favour by purchasing a pampering day in a beautiful spa somewhere, or you can treat your mother to a hair and/or pampering day at her favourite salon.

With girlfriend presents this is an opportunity to show your romantic side by purchasing a lovely weekend away together for after the hectic Christmas, or a candlelit dinner for two in a gorgeous restaurant. Of course, you can never fail with a piece of jewellery. Add something special to Christmas morning by making her a scrumptious breakfast in bed, with a rose, and all the trimmings - it costs nothing, just a bit of extra effort, and there will be smiles all Christmas Day no matter what is under the tree.



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