Freezer Sessions @ Róisín Dubh

Rams’ Pocket Radio.

Rams’ Pocket Radio.

THE JÄGERMEISTER Freezer Sessions return to the Róisín Dubh on Thursday December 1 with The Frank and Walters, The Depravations, Elaine Mai, and Ram’s Pocket Radio.

Headlining will be long established Cork indie rockers The Frank and Walters, best known for their hits ‘Fashion Crisis Hits New York’ and ‘After All’ from their debut album Trains, Boats And Planes. More recently they released the single ‘The Parson’ and are working on a new album entitled Greenwich Mean Time.

The music of Galway band The Depravations ranges from surf rock, old country and blues, and modern dance-rock, which the band calls “pleasant yet interesting songs for you to hear in your ears which will give you some kind of joy”. their debut album is due out soon.

Multi-talented singer-songwriter Elaine Mai creates music of great emotional and melodic power. Through the use of her vocal gifts, musical sense, and intelligent use of effects pedals, she creates startling songs that build into mini-epics, full of atmosphere and choral like backing. To hear her music go to and watch out for her debut EP which is due out next year.

County Antrim’s Rams’ Pocket Radio is stage name of drummer, pianist, and songwriter Peter McCauley. AU magazine called him “an artist of verve and versatility” while Tom Robinson on BBC 6Music said McCauley is ““about to scare the ******* out of every other piano based band on the planet”. Ram’s new EP Dogs Run In Packs is out tomorrow.

The Freezer Sessions are presented by Hotpress. This is an invite-only event but the public can get free tickets simply by logging onto Those attending the Róisín session will receive a free Freezer Sessions album, featuring the acts playing at the gigs across the country.


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