Shape up and feel great with NYShapeUp

If you are looking to feel and look great, then NYShapeUp’s power vibration plates will help you get the body you always wanted.

NYShapeUp offers the best quality and service around. Now is the perfect time to tone up and lose that cellulite. With men and women around the country jumping on vibro plates, why not be the first of your friends to see the benefits? With celebrity fans including Kylie Minogue, Elle MacPherson and, most importantly, some of the Manchester United team, why not find out what all the hype is about?

When NYShapeUp delivers a vibro plate to your door staff give you a full demonstration and teach you all the exercises that will benefit you the most. NYShapeUp’s vibro plates are the most powerful vibro plates In Ireland. Call (086 ) 8914303 for more information or visit

Benefits of the power vibration plate massager

Low speed: Massages away aches and pains and increases flexibility, improves blood flow to muscles and joints.

Medium speed: Burns fat, offers a light workout and tones and stimulates muscles, joints, ligaments and bones.

High speed: Tones and condition muscles, improves bone density, general fitness, and strength. Improves muscle strength and performance. Improves balance and core stability. Increases flexibility and range of motion. Improves your metabolism, reducing body fat. Helps reduce and manage inflammation. Strengthens pelvic floor and improves continence. Creates tighter skin by increasing collagen protection. Rehabilitates injuries. Reduces the effects of stress.


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