Galway Simon to offer people impartial financial planning advice

Galway Simon Community has teamed up with the leading financial planners in the west of Ireland to initiate the first ‘Financial Advice Day’.

Galway Simon Community has partnered with the leading financial planners in a new fundraising initiative. Following on the success of Simon Open Door programme where leading architects have given their time for free, this one day event offers members of the public a unique opportunity to get an impartial opinion on their financial circumstances.

Galway Simon Financial Advice Day is a simple yet fantastic scheme. It benefits both Galway Simon and members of the public. Anyone can sign up and in return for a €50 donation to Galway Simon, receive almost an hour ‘no-strings’ consultation with a qualified financial planner who can give advice on a range of issues including their mortgage, pensions, savings, investments, insurances, etc.

This year five experts in Roscommon, Loughrea, and Galway City, are all donating their time for free. So your €50 goes toward directly Galway Simon Community services. It is planned this will become a permanent fixture in the Galway Simon calendar. For members of the public who may be reluctant or unsure of what financial advice can do for them this is a superb chance to get expert opinion at a fraction of the normal cost.

For full details click on the ‘Local Events’ page on or to book a consultation simply call Paul in Galway Simon on 091 381835 or email [email protected].

Galway Simon Community provides a home and support for the most vulnerable women and men in the west of Ireland. Established in 1979 by UCG (now NUIG ) staff and students, Galway Simon manages 13 residential supported houses and over 50 apartments. These are long term sustainable homes for over 100 men and women. It is a non-denominational, non-judgemental organisation that works to prevent homelessness while providing homes for those who need shelter. It also advocates for the rights of homeless people. Galway Simon Community is heavily reliant on volunteers and the generosity of individuals and groups who provide essential funds.

The impact of being homeless can be detrimental in many ways. As well as the obvious issues of having no shelter, impoverished and hungry, homelessness also brings loneliness; with separation from family, friends, and neighbours. The Community aspect of Galway Simon is vital to the stabilisation and improvement of the individuals who access our services. Many of whom have multiple, complex, needs such as combinations of mental ill-health, relationship difficulties, and substance addictions.


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