Mexican musicians @ The Crane

MEXICAN FOLK band Tacumba, who worked with The Chieftains on their San Patricios album, play The Crane on Tuesday at 8pm.

This six piece band are one of the most respected traditional groups in Mexico and the special guests on the night will be Matt Molloy. The show is part of a weekend long commemoration of the San Patricio Brigade.

The brigade, led by Clifden’s John O’Reilly, fought on the Mexican side during the Mexican/US war of the late 19th century, having changed sides, being originally enlisted in the US army.

Most of those who survived the war were later rounded up as deserters by the US army and sentenced to death by hanging. In Mexico they remain heroes, celebrated in music and song to this day.

For tickets contact The Crane on 091 - 587419 or see



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