AcuGraph — combining ancient acupuncture techniques with new technology

AcuGraph is a digital meridian analysis that tests your energy levels or qi (chi ) in the meridian system of your body. It combines the ancient practice of medical acupuncture with modern technology. By using a gentle probe it reads from key acupuncture meridian points on your hands and feet the energy levels in your body relating to each of your organs. It gives you a graph reading for you to see on screen which can be discussed with your acupuncturist.

AcuGraph has been found to be very useful in the practise of acupuncture as it may pick up things that could not be seen by simply taking a case history. Acupuncture, invented by the Chinese more than 2,000 years ago, is extremely effective as a system of medicine. It works by stimulating points, using fine sterile needles, along the body’s meridians (nerve pathways ) to send a message to the brain to release the correct chemical to heal the body.

The Wellbeing Acupuncture Clinic in Craughwell is hosting an open day on Saturday August 13. If you would like a free acupuncture consultation using AcuGraph call Simona Dhar Lic Ac TCMCI on (087 ) 692 5210 to book your appointment.



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